chain wire fencing

Chain wire fencing offers you a cost-effective solution for securing the perimeter of your property. At A Class Fencing, we provide quality products and services to help you install new chain wire fencing for your home or business. Our supply and installation services give you a versatile solution for your fencing.

Chain wire fence installation

When to consider chain wire fencing

How to install chain wire fencing

Chain wire fence installation


Chain wire fencing is a practical choice for many different purposes. It can create a boundary fence between properties or improve security around a property, among other things. We can install your chain wire fencing to your specifications, no matter how much fencing you need or what application you are using it for.

Installing chain wire fence offers you a range of benefits, including offering a cost-effective solution when you need more fencing. Professional installation of your fence isn’t essential, but it is the right choice if you want to be sure that it’s installed to a high standard. A Class Fencing can install your chain wire fencing for you to save you time and make certain that your fence is properly installed.

Chain wire fencing gives you the option of a broad choice of heights and aperture sizes. We can help you to explore the possibilities so that you can find the chain wire fence that meets your needs. This practical fencing type is just want you need if you want to keep things simple but still maintain security and safety for your property at all times.

  • Install chain wire fencing for a versatile solution fit for many purposes.
  • Get a durable fence option that works well for both domestic and commercial applications.
  • Choose from a variety of mesh sizes, finishes and designs for your chain wire fence.

When to consider chain wire fencing


Is chain wire fencing right for you? There are several reasons to consider chain wire fencing for your property. If you want to improve security or create a barrier using fencing, a chain wire fence is a good choice for durability, visibility and using for a wide range of applications.

You should consider wire chain fencing if you’re looking for a fence that will stand up to many weather conditions. Chain wire fencing is strong and durable, and can survive in windy conditions, and more. Repairs of chain wire fencing are easy too. When there are breaks in the wire, making small repairs is simple, and there’s no need to replace entire sections of the fence, as might be necessary with other fences. Chain wire fences are easy to install too, whether you have one installed professionally or do it yourself.

A chain wire fence offers better visibility too. This can be excellent if you want to avoid blocking out the light or need a clear line of sight. The improved visibility makes it a good choice for a dog run, or a backyard or pool where you might want to see your children.

  • Chain wire fencing gives you more visibility, allowing light through the mesh.
  • Choose chain wire if you want a durable fence that withstands strong wind.
  • Easy repair is available when you install a chain wire fence.

How to install chain wire fencing


Installing a chain wire fence is a relatively simple process. You can choose to do it yourself or enlist a professional service like A Class Fencing to help you. Getting started with installation is easy, and there are only a few essential steps to get your fence installed.

To install a chain wire fence, you first need to either insert posts into the soil or into concrete footing. This fixes the fence into place and stabilises it so that you are ready to apply the chain wire. The chain wire is then attached to the posts with tools, which can take a long time if the fence is larger. This is when it can be useful to have professional installers to help you and save you time.

Before installing a chain wire fence yourself, make sure you’re up to the task. It shouldn’t be too difficult, but it can take some time. A Class Fencing can supply you with the materials for your DIY fence installation. We can also do the installation for you to make things even easier.

  • Installing chain wire fencing is simple but can be time-consuming – professional help makes it easier.
  • You can easily install a fence of whatever size you require without much difficulty.
  • Installing a chain wire fence is cost-effective and a flexible solution to many requirements.
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