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A Class Fencing is proud to offer high-quality pool fencing facilities to increase the safety aspects while additionally taking the exclusivity of your home’s swimming pool to an entirely new level. Dive in with our range of incredible and tailored screen fencing facilities today.

Balustrade Pool Fencing

Aluminium Pool Fence

Pool Fence Regulations QLD

Balustrade Pool Fencing

A balustrade is a railing supported by balusters, which are a type of spindle that are mounted on a shaft. A Class Fencing’s balustrade pool fencing options bring poolside safety and style. Pool fencing balustrades are a particularly popular option for residential and commercial pools alike, allowing pool owners to add a safety barrier while enhancing the look of the pool with a customised design that’s built to suit the look of the existing facilities. Available in a range of different styles, heights, and materials, balustrade pool fencing gives you an incredible level of control over the look and function of the barrier. Whether it’s building a wrap around the entire pool or sectioning it off from the patio, balustrades let you have it your way. Our balustrade pool fencing solutions are designed to your specifications and constructed from the very best materials on the market, guaranteeing years of service to ensure that the function and appearance of your pool area remains as good as new for the long haul.


  • Aesthetic detailing, colour choices, and styling let you build a stylish fence that’s suited to any pool and garden.
  • Quick installations allow you to improve the look, safety, and function of the pool in no time. This allows you to enjoy the pool ASAP.
  • Maintain a transparency to ensure that the area doesn’t feel claustrophobic. This also allows you to keep an eye on kids from afar.

Aluminium Pool Fence


Aluminium pool fences combine a clear and clean design for lasting aesthetic appeal and increased safety. A Class Fencing’s aluminium pool fence panels are particularly great for modern homes.

The use of aluminium pool fencing is an increasingly common and popular solution among modern homeowners, and it’s not hard to see why. The single colour (you can choose from several options) fencing gives a bold and distinct look, which can be used to complement garden furniture.

Moreover, a flat top panel provides a practical solution that can serve as a rest for drinks bottles and small plant pots. Crucially, it removes any dangers associated to sharp edges. The light yet stable rust-free metal fencing is built with long-term appearances and function in mind too.

Aluminium pool fences with smaller gaps between each panel can be used to offer greater privacy while still allowing light into the pool area too. As a permitter border around the pool and patio area, there is no doubt that this is one of the best solutions on the market.


  • A simple yet eye-catching design that provides modern homes with an extra sense of luxury around the pool area.
  • Minimal maintenance is required, allowing you to enjoy years of added privacy, style, and safety at the garden pool.
  • Can be supported with gates and posts for easier access while still maintaining the same levels of safety and security.

Pool Fence Regulations Queensland


The Queensland authorities have set a number of guidelines relating to the dimensions of proposed pool fencing in residential and commercial areas. You must ensure that yours comply.

Pool fence regulations are in place for several reasons. Their purpose is to ensure that all pool fences are installed with safety in mind as well as the interests of neighbours. While the rulings are fairly simple to understand, it’s important to appreciate them all before starting a project.

Failure to satisfy those demands can lead to penalties and fines while the authorities may also declare that the pool fencing needs to be removed. Having your panels installed by a trustworthy team of experts is highly advised for this reason as well as your own peace of mind.

Pool fences must have a minimum height of 1200mm from finished ground level to the top of the barrier while gaps between ground levels and the bottom of barriers should not exceed 100mm. There must be at least one gap of 900mm between horizontal barriers too.

Other Factors:

  • If a fence is no more than 1800mm high, climbable objects must be no more than 900mm away from the pool barrier.
  • If a fence is taller than 1800mm, 900mm non-climbable area can be found on the inside of the pool barrier.
  • There are a number o regulations relating to gates and pool barrier latches that should be respected too.
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