Retaining Walls

A Class Fencing understands your need for sturdy, attractive, and long-lasting retaining walls that will resist the lateral pressure of soil. Moreover, we are proud to offer a range of solutions that will aid the function and appearance of your external areas with greater success than you ever thought possible. Find out more about our retaining walls below.

Timber Retaining Walls

Rock Retaining Walls

Concrete Retaining Walls

Timber Retaining Walls


Timber retaining walls offer a natural appearance that suits traditional and modern garden spaces alike. The simplistic designs offer a sturdy barrier that can help reshape sloped yards.

Timber retaining walls are manufactured from high-quality hardwood materials and can be designed as a barrier of up to 1800mm in height, although most systems tend to be significantly smaller. While they are commonly used for straight lines, it is possible to create curved designs too.

The timber retaining walls can be completed to various finishes and colours, but most homeowners choose them at least partly for the natural aesthetic. The retaining wall may be comprised of various components, including straight components and 90-degree angle components.

Their strength makes them ideal for withstanding the lateral pressures created by the soil while they can be customised easily through the addition and incorporation of lighting units and similar advanced features. For a quick way to transform your garden, this solution is ideal.


  • Great flexibility in regards to design with various sizes, shapes, colours, finishes, and additional features available.
  • Easily installed, easily maintained, and can be treated with ease even if damage does occur down the line.
  • A very affordable option, particularly when working with larger spaces in terms of height or width requirements.

Rock Retaining Walls


Rock retaining walls are one of the strongest options on the market, offering the capabilities to withstand tonnes of soil. With A Class Fencing, the aesthetic elements are equally special.

Rock retaining walls can be made from a variety of different stones, which gives you a huge deal of flexibility during the design phase.

Whether it’s a small retaining wall or one that runs the length of your backyard doesn’t matter. Battling against sloping yards and other issues is very easy.

Two of the best options are gabion walls, which are a mesh filled with stones, and dry stack walls in which the rocks are simply layered atop each other. Alternatively, rocks can be mortared together to provide a similar function to a traditional brick wall.

Rock retaining walls can be designed to be straight or curved while the height can also fluctuate at different points if required. Their natural looks suit any garden while the colours will be juxtaposed against the plants and wildlife to create a very striking appearance that can be enjoyed for years.


  • While they may cost a little more, the ROIs gained from the increased value of the property are huge.
  • Rock retaining walls are built to last and require virtually no maintenance as they do not rust, rot, or need painting.
  • Their strength is incredible, enabling you to create the garden that you desire without fear or soil breaking through.

Concrete Retaining Walls


Concrete retaining walls offer are durable, long-lasting solutions that are particularly suitable when wanting a clean and unassuming solution. A Class Fencing offers bespoke builds for your yard.

Concrete retaining walls are very strong and can withstand a lot of pressure while they also offer great safety as they will not catch fire, rot, or succumb to freeze-thawing in winter. This protects the garden, the family, and your investment with exceptional results.

Modern concrete doesn’t need to be a boring grey either, and you can now choose a range of colours to suit the aesthetic design of the surrounding features. The concrete can even be made to look like other materials such as stone, giving you a chance to gain the luxury look on a budget.

Concrete walls are a little challenging to install, but A Class Fencing can take care of this issue. Once installed, you will be set for years of reliable function as well as pleasant appearances that will add value to your home life as well as the property.


  • Concrete retaining walls can be built to any mould, allowing you to control every aspect of design and dimensions.
  • Concrete is a non-toxic material that won’t emit chemicals, meaning it is an eco-friendly option for any modern home.
  • Curves, angles, and even staircases can be crafted to give you maximum flexibility and for optimal enjoyment.

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