COLORBOND® steel fencing offers a fencing option that is durable and easy to maintain. COLORBOND® fencing offers a choice of stylish colours, with 14 of them in total available to brighten up your property. COLORBOND® colours have all been inspired by Australian environments, with reds, greens, greys, blues and browns.


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COLORBOND® installation


COLORBOND® fencing is available in a range of panel styles and designs. After installation, it offers a sleek look that has no gaps, loose palings or visible footholds. It can be personalised with the addition of caps, slats and lattice, and it offers a beautiful looking fence from both sides.

Installing COLORBOND® fencing gives you a solid fencing solution. If you want something that requires less maintenance than timber or vinyl fencing, steel fencing from COLORBOND® is an excellent option. COLORBOND® products are made for Australian conditions, meaning that they will stand up to all kinds of weather, and even wildfires. COLORBOND® fencing resists the progress of fire to help protect your property.

Correctly installed COLORBOND® fencing provides a complete fence system without any gaps and should look good from any angle. It will improve the security of your property and increase safety too, as well as offering more privacy. When you use A Class Fencing to install your COLORBOND® steel fencing, you can be sure of receiving a quality service. We can help you explore your colour options and the choice of designs that are available to you too.

  • Durable, easily maintained fencing that won’t rot, deteriorate or be plagued by pests.
  • Non-combustible and helps to slow down the progress of fire.
  • Stylish design that’s available in 14 colours, all inspired by Australian landscapes.

COLORBOND® fencing sizes


COLORBOND® fencing is available in a number of sizes to help you find what you need for your property. The choice of sizes allows you to create the perfect fence for your requirements, with standard sizes and wide variations to choose from. Select the size that works for you.

The standard size for COLORBOND® steel fencing is 1800mm, with a standard width of 2380mm for a single fence panel. It’s also possible to get a wider panel of 3150mm if you require it. Other height options include shorter 900mm panels, 1200mm panels or 1500mm panels. If you want a taller fence, you can choose 2100mm tall panels. Gates come in standard widths of 890mm and 1460mm, with custom sizes available too.

The range of size options from COLORBOND® makes it easy for you to customise your fence. As well as having an excellent selection of colours, you can also choose the height and width that works for you. A Class Fencing can help you to find the right height and width for your COLORBOND® fence panels, as well as taking care of installation.

  • COLORBOND® fencing is available in a choice of standard sizes for the perfect fit.
  • Select different heights and widths to design your fencing.
  • COLORBOND® gates come in both standard and custom sizes.



Buying genuine COLORBOND® steel fencing is vital if you want the quality that COLORBOND® offers in all of its products. COLORBOND® fencing products are backed up with a solid warranty to protect it and prove its durability. There are some key things to look for to ensure a genuine product.

When buying COLORBOND® steel fencing, be sure to check for the COLORBOND® branding on the packaging or on the fencing itself. COLORBOND® steel fencing features laser branding on the side of each panel, appearing at least three times in each standard width section. A Class Fencing always provides genuine COLORBOND® products that deliver the quality that has been designed for Australian conditions.

When you buy COLORBOND® steel fencing, the product is manufactured and backed by BlueScope. BlueScope offers a range of warranties that protect your products. You can get pre-approved warranty from your installer, or you can apply for a warranty yourself from BlueScope. COLORBOND® steel fencing offers warranties of up to 10 years, with a variety of factors taken into account, such as how exposed your home is to the ocean.

A Class Fencing will help you with your COLORBOND® steel fencing warranty to ensure your new fence is protected. COLORBOND® offers durable products but they can still benefit from the extra protection offered by a solid warranty.

  • COLORBOND® branding ensures you have the genuine product from COLORBOND® when you buy your fencing
  • Fencing warranties of up to 10 years to protect your fence
  • Easy to obtain a warranty online or through your fencing installer
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