Timber Fencing

Timber fencing is a traditional choice for many homes and even businesses. Made with a wide variety of different types of wood, timber fencing is solid, looks great and, when cared for properly, can last a long time too. At A Class Fencing, we supply a range of different fencing styles and designs to help you choose what’s right for you.

Timber Pailing Fence

Lapped and Capped Timber Fence

Picket Fence

Timber Fence Solutions

Timber Pailing Fence

Timber pailing fence is a fencing style that can allow air and light to pass through it or that can be constructed to provide complete privacy This type of fencing can have space between each section, offering not just good air circulation but a stylish finish too. It can also have narrower pieces of timber to fill in the gaps.

Timber paling fence is a simple but effective way to install the fencing that you need. It’s something that some people choose to DIY, but a professional installation ensures you get the perfect finish. Depending on the design that you choose for your fence, you can get a good balance between light and airflow and privacy. The panels are held together with horizontal supports to easily create a solid structure that offers a durable solution.

A timber paling fence is an excellent choice if you want a new fence for your property. A Class Fencing will install timber paling fences for you or you can choose our supply only option.

Benefits of a timber pailing fence:

  • Leave your design open for air and light to pass through.
  • Choose your level of privacy depending on how the fencing is installed.
  • Simple and effective but stylish way to install your fencing.

Lapped and Capped Timber Fence

A lapped and capped has two layers of palings that overlap each other, as well as a capped finish. This style offers a professional finish to fences, giving them an elegant look. If you want a finished fence with no gaps that offers privacy and acts as a good sound barrier, a lapped and capped fence is a good choice.

Practical benefits are important for a fence, but it’s important not to neglect the aesthetics of a fence too. A lapped and capped timber fence gives you the best of both worlds, with a stylish design and benefits including better privacy. A lapped and capped fence is created by layering two layers of palings on top of each other so that any gaps are eliminated and maximum levels of privacy are created.

The two layers have different widths so that the top of the fence is even. The top can then be fitted under a cap for a neat finish. A Class Fencing can help you when you’re looking for a lapped and capped fence for your property.

Benefits of lapped and capped timber fences:

  • Create an effective sound barrier for noise control.
  • Enjoy excellent levels of privacy with a lapped and capped fence.
  • Get a sophisticated style that’s ideal for a perimeter fence.

Picket Fence

A picket fence conjure images of neat American suburbs. It offers a simple style of fencing that is a great decorative choice if you’re looking for something traditional. With wooden picket pales and gaps in between, there are many styles to choose from if you want to install a picket fence.

If you want a fence that can blend in with your property while still providing protection around a perimeter, a picket fence is a good choice. It’s ideal for swimming pools and gardens for anyone looking for a fence that isn’t too obtrusive. With different styles to choose from, a picket fence gives a property a sweet look when you want to mark or protect a boundary.

Picket fences help you to keep your budget lower, considering they are easy to install and also use less timber. Some picket fence styles include rounded and pointed tops, as well as curved and concave top lines. Picket fencing offers a beautiful option for your landscaped areas and anywhere else where you need to create a border.

Choose A Class Fencing for your picket fence and we can provide supplies for a DIY job or help you with installation too. Get in touch to find out how our services can help you with your picket fencing, whether you need installation help or not.

Picket fences offer these benefits:

  • A traditional look for anyone looking for a stylish fencing option.
  • Inexpensive option for those who are on a budget.
  • Higher picket fences can still offer privacy, while letting through light.
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